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COVID-19 Update

How will I be kept safe during the hiring process?

As much of the hiring process as possible will be conducted virtually; we will only require your physical attendance where this is absolutely necessary. Where this is the case, we will have additional control and safety measures in place to ensure your safety and comply with the government guidance.

What training will I be given?

Prior to going into the field, you will be given full COVID-19 training with detailed guidance on how to properly use the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided, as well as other control measures we have in place to ensure your safety.

How will I complete my right to work (RTW) checks?

All candidates who work for the civil service must have the right to work in the UK. The right to work checks are completed in your first week of work at a venue of our choosing. All venues are booked with the assurance that they comply with the latest government guidance, which includes enhanced cleaning measures and reduced capacity to allow for adequate social distancing.

Right to work checks will be staggered at allocated time slots to avoid the need for unnecessary social interaction and allow for the cleaning of surfaces between appointments.

Here is a short video to show you how we will perform the right to work checks safely.

Watch our video about how we will keep you safe during the RTW checks

Watch our video about how we will keep you safe during the RTW checks - Transcript

Will I be safe while carrying out my work?

We have taken all reasonable steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. In addition to the training and PPE you will be provided with, these roles have been designed so that they can safely be carried out while socially distancing. Although some visits will require you to deliver or collect paper materials, a post peg will be provided and there will be no physical contact with other people. Our doorstep video provides instruction on how to carry out your role while maintaining adequate social distancing.

Watch our PPE video – Keeping you and the general public safe

Watch our PPE video - Keeping you and the general public safe - transcript

Please be aware that processes are in place to ensure that adjustments to support individuals with accessibility and language requirements can be made safely and in line with COVID-19 control measures.

What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will I be provided with?

All colleagues will be provided with PPE. This includes but is not limited to:

  • face coverings – these must be used in line with government guidance, for example when knocking on household doors or if you are in a situation where adequate social distancing is difficult to maintain
  • hand sanitiser – proper hand hygiene is key in reducing the risk of transmitting the virus. Therefore, we are providing all members of staff with hand sanitiser to be used throughout your working day, in particular after touching different surfaces.
  • sanitising wipes – these are to be used to clean your equipment and any other hard surfaces you come into contact with while you are working, thus further reducing the risk of transmission.

You will be given full training on when and how to use all PPE provided, when you start the role.

Additional guidance for Non compliance roles

If you have applied for a non compliance role there are additional safety measures that we have implemented to keep you safe. Please follow this link to review the covid safe working guide to stay informed.